Helping patients connect the docs

User-friendly interface
Our clean, ad-free layout provides a seamless experience for finding the best local doctor or medical facility. We've simplified things and optimized our site for users of all age groups.
Media rich content
We know how important first impressions are... and also, how troubling unwanted surprises can be. This is why we've added enhanced photo and video features so that patients can see doctors and offices in advance of their visit.
Up-to-date information
Rather than just scrape any available information from public databases, we work directly with doctor's offices to make sure they provide us with the most current information about their hours, recent work and accepted insurances.
Patient-driven insights
The most important factor behind Doctors+ is that our site is built around what patients are looking for when choosing a doctor. It's our goal to have that critical information not available on other websites.
As patients ourselves, we understand how frustrating it can be to find a doctor. And — unfortunately — with changes in insurance, this is something that occurs a lot more often than we’d wish.
Whether your primary doctor no longer accepts the new plan your employer has switched to… Or you just found out you need to have a procedure done by a specialist… We’ve all been put in a position where it’s time to find the best local doctor.
Despite having the modern convenience of access to endless online profiles and directory websites, our expectations were just coming up short. We couldn’t find what we wanted to know about a particular doctor or facility. All we found was basic and outdated information at every turn.
We wanted to know… Was their office clean and updated? Do they still take my insurance? Are they an expert on this condition and how does their life’s work reflect that? What other doctors at this practice might be tending to me if my doctor is unavailable?
With this is mind, we decided to put together a website that showcased what we wanted to know when finding a new doctor.

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